Private Land Requirements

Private landowners, including any partnership or corporation thereof, must comply with state law (A.R.S. § 41-865) regarding the discovery and disturbance of human remains.

Any landowner with intention to disturb human remains or having unintentionally disturbed human remains shall immediately cease any disturbance and shall notify the Arizona State Museum of such disturbance or intent to disturb.

Report the discovery of human remains or intent to disturb human remains on private land to Dr. Claire Barker by email or by phone at 520-626-0320.

  • Archaeological consultants – A list of archaeological consultants that can assist in complying with state law for private land.
  • Private land developers that are required by agencies other than ASM to have ASM’s archaeological records researched for cultural resources can request a Cultural Resources Summary Letter by completing and submitting the request form.
  • Learn more about Arizona state laws by reading Human Burials, Sacred Objects, & You and State Statutes.