Director Circles

I invite you to join me in enhancing the Arizona State Museum’s commitment to excellence.

At the higher levels of membership described below, your annual contribution will go directly to the Director’s Fund for Excellence, a fund which gives me the ability to support projects that are central to the museum’s mission but are not funded by the state, by grants, or by restricted donations.

The preeminent institution engaged in the anthropology and history of the southwestern United States, ASM is renowned for its expertise in preserving, interpreting, and presenting the material culture of the region. Your annual contribution to the Director’s Fund for Excellence helps ensure the museum’s future ability to excel in all areas of our multi-faceted mission.

Please take this opportunity to express your support for your State Museum. Thank you!

Patrick D. Lyons, Ph.D., RPA

Giving Levels and Benefits


$1,000 Thompson Circle

This level is named in honor of Raymond H. Thompson, ASM director, 1964–97. Thompson established ASM’s international reputation and orchestrated the creation of key preservation legislation.

All benefits at the Curator level of ASM membership, plus:

  • Friends of the ASM Collections membership for two,
  • Invitation to a special annual event,
  • $630 tax deduction.


$2,500 Haury Circle 

This level is named in honor of Emil W.Haury, ASM director, 1938–64, who through his seminal fieldwork, established ASM's leadership in southwestern archaeology.

All benefits of Thompson Circle, plus:

  • Behind-the-scenes tour,
  • $2,100 tax deduction.


$5,000 Cummings Circle

This level is named in honor of Byron Cummings, ASM’s first director, 1915–1938.

Cummings founded the UA department of archaeology and established ASM’s focus on southwestern anthropology.

All the benefits of the Haury Circle, plus: 

  • In-home review of your personal collection by a museum curator,
  • $4,400 tax deduction.


$10,000 Brown Circle

This level is named in honor of Herbert H. Brown, ASM’s first curator, 1893–1912, a larger-than-life frontiersman and Victorian amateur scientist whose natural history specimens formed some of ASM’s first permanent collections.

All the benefits of the Cummings Circle, plus:

  • Opportunity to join the director at special university and community events,
  • $9,300 tax deduction.


George W. P. Hunt Heritage Circle

This level is named in honor of Arizona’s first elected state governor, who, in 1893, introduced the original legislation that created the Arizona Territorial Museum, which later became the Arizona State Museum.

All the benefits of the Brown Circle, plus:

  • $24,300 tax deduction.


To learn more about these and other giving opportunities at ASM, contact Sandra B. Um, director of development, 520-626-3466.