AA-File Inventory Oversize Materials

This document includes the table of contents for 60 files that are considered oversize and housed in tabloid size envelopes. The AA-files are located in the Arizona State Museum (ASM) Archive and their history is the same as the larger A-Files collection. The A-Files are some of the earliest archival materials collected by the ASM archive. They consisted primarily of archaeological field notes from projects done by previous ASM directors Byron Cummings and Emil Haury as well as their students and an extensive collection of correspondence and reports sent to Emily Haury by J.W. Simmons, an avocational archaeologist. Added to these archaeological notes were the "Gila-Sonora Files" assembled by Edward H. Spicer and Edward P. Dozier, both professors in the UA Department of Anthropology. These files contained a wide variety of resource materials related to the cultural history of the southwestern United States and northwestern Mexico. From 1967 to 1974 ASM Librarian John V. Baroco and students Susan Lobo, Joe Barr, V. Smyer, S. Roggia, and Judy Reis inventoried and prepared tables of contents for some 500 documents, manuscripts and sets of field notes.