Information for Educators Bringing a Group to the Museum

A school group from Willcox, Arizona enjoys lunch and expends some energy on the front lawn during their field trip to ASM

A school group from Willcox, Arizona enjoys lunch and expends some energy on the front lawn during their field trip to ASM

How to Plan for Your Visit

Location and Parking

Arizona State Museum is located just inside the Main Gate on the University of Arizona campus, on the northeast corner of University Blvd and Park Ave. The street address is 1013 E. University Blvd.

Buses may drive into the Main Gate to unload students in front of the museum. Buses may not park in front of the museum for the duration of the tour, however. Buses are asked to park in an specially designated area—usually by the football stadium—and return for students at the end of the tour. Please call UA Visitor Parking (520-621-3710) a few days before your visit for instructions. 

Personal vehicles may be parked at one of two nearby garages, at Euclid Ave and Second St or Euclid Ave and Fourth St. The cost is $2.00 per hour with a daily maximum of $8.00.

Chaperones and Teachers

Chaperones are a must. We require at least three chaperones for each class, or one adult per eight children.

Self-guided visits are free for students; chaperones will be charged the group tour rate. Self-guided visits must be pre-scheduled.

Lunch and Snacks

Food and drinks are not allowed in the museum. However, we do have limited space behind the admission desk to store them if necessary, and your class is welcome to eat on the museum’s lawn. UA’s Student Union is about a block away and has a variety of food vendors, but be forewarned that it is often crowded during lunchtime.

The Day of the Tour

Please arrive on time. We are unable to accommodate any group that arrives more than 15 minutes late.

  • A minimum of three adult chaperones must accompany each class (1 per 8 students). Chaperones are responsible for discipline and should be familiar with the student behavior guidelines outlined below.
  • Please have students wear name tags. This improves communication with students and your chaperone’s ability to discipline them.
  • Classes may be divided into small groups before entering exhibit galleries. Before you arrive, please assign your students and chaperones to their groups.
  • Five minutes before your scheduled tour time, please organize your students into their groups and wait outside the museum. Your tour coordinator will meet and greet you there. Please don't block walkways or entrances.
  • If you arrive very early, we suggest you take a walking tour of campus or play on the museum lawn. Please do not allow students to block walkways or entrances.

Restrooms are available in the building.

Guidelines to discuss with your group before your visit

To ensure a productive, enjoyable visit, we ask that teachers and students review the following museum behavior guidelines before coming to the museum.

  1. Museum behavior is very similar to classroom behavior — students are expected to be polite and calm, use low voices, walk (no running or rough-housing), and to take turns talking and sharing objects.
  2. Enjoy our “Please Touch” exhibit areas, but please do not touch exhibit panels, photomurals, or paintings. These are costly to repair or replace.
  3. Food and drinks are not allowed in the museum. Lunches and water bottles can be stored during your tour.
  4. If you take notes during the tour, use pencils only.
  5. Classes are divided into small groups to go through the exhibit gallery. Students will be assigned to a group and a specific adult chaperone by their teacher and must remain with that adult and follow their directions at all times.
  6. Galleries are monitored by video cameras for your safety and security.
  7. Many objects in museums are rare and cannot be replaced—please be very careful in exhibit areas.
  8. Museums are for life-long learners! We hope our exhibits inspire you to think, to care, and to act. We want you to come back often to the Arizona State Museum to learn more about what interests you—and bring your families!

Thank you and we hope you enjoy your visit!