Investigating and Caring for Your Handwoven Blankets and Rugs   

Investigating and Caring for Your Handwoven Blankets and Rugs   

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

With Dr. Ann Lane Hedlund, textile expert, retired curator and former director of the Gloria F. Ross Center for Tapestry Studies, and Dr. Nancy Odegaard, conservator professor emerita and former head of preservation at the Arizona State Museum.

6:00-7:00 p.m. Arizona time, via Zoom

Dr. Hedlund (above right) will describe the physical traits of handwoven Mexican and Spanish American sarapes, blankets, and rugs as they relate to the weaving process and tools. She will discuss how collectors and researchers can use these traits to understand how weavers work and to distinguish between different cultural traditions and styles.

Dr. Odegaard (above left) will describe how weaving technology impacts the display and care of handwoven textiles, how specific examples were used and cared for after they left the loom, and finally, she will offer tips for preserving them into the future.

Photo by Landis Smith.

This program is held in conjunction with the exhibit, Wrapped in Color: Legacies of the Mexican Sarape, showing through July 2022.

K-12 teachers can earn professional development hours for attending.

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