Living Muertos: Mexican Folk Art and Traditions

Living Muertos: Mexican Folk Art and Traditions

Tuesday, November 1, 2022

1:00-2:00 p.m. Arizona time, via Zoom
 a presentation by Marta Turok, coordinator at the Ruth D. Lechuga Center for Folk Art Studies/Franz Mayer Museum in Mexico City

Marta will share a pruebadita (sampling) of the rich folk art traditions surrounding Día de los Muertos in Mexico. She is a Mexican applied anthropologist focusing on socio-economic development, and one of the foremost schools on Mexican folk art. Through research, government work, education, and advocacy, she has worked to raise the prestige of Mexican handcrafts and folk art and to help artisans improve their economic status. Her work has been recognized with awards from various governmental and non-governmental agencies.

This program is sponsored by the Friends of the ASM Collections.

Photo by Hector Garcia Garcia.

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Darlene Lizarraga