Meet the Curators of the "Weaving Has a Heartbeat" Exhibit

Meet the Curators of the "Weaving Has a Heartbeat" Exhibit

Saturday, October 7, 2023

1:30-3:30 p.m. at Arizona State Museum
Free admission. Refreshments served.

Join us in celebration of the exhibit with the curators/emerging artist interns Mariah Claw (Dine), Desiree (Yoeme), Harrison Preston (Tohono O'odham), and project director/ASM head of community engagement Lisa Falk.

Weaving Has a Heartbeat is a heartfelt reflection on the importance of relationships and the connections between Indigenous people, their worldviews and traditions, and how these are woven into their art. The interns reflect on shared values and practices, and the mentorships and friendships that developed and nourished their creativity during ASM's Honoring Traditions program, which focused on gaining skills in weaving, natural dyeing, and museum work. The master artists reflect on how this program began an understanding and healing among Navajo and Zapotec weavers, which they wish to build on. Included in the exhibit is a collaborative textile, "Two Weaving Worlds Honoring Traditions," by master artists Barbara Ornelas (Dine) and Porfirio Gutierrez (Zapotec).

"In thinking about this exhibit, we chose to highlight the relationship-building aspects of our work. What happens during the slowness of warping, weaving, and natural dyeing? Where did our conversations around the table meander to? How does our creativity reimagine the world of Indigenous artistry? Join us as we reflect on our experience learning from master artists, one another, and the world around us." --Emerging Artist Interns

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