Pahko’ora/Pahko’ola: Mayo and Yaqui Masks from the James S. Griffith Collection

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This image is the exhibit postcard. It depicts the title of the exhibit above four masks: two Mayo masks and two Yaqui masks right to left.
With a mask on his face, a Pascola is transformed into an animal spirit, dwelling in the Wilderness World. — José Gil Jocobi (Mayo)

New ending date TBA

Wooden masks worn by Pascola dancers hold deep ritual significance for the Mayo and Yaqui communities of southern Arizona and northern Mexico. Showcasing masks from ASM’s James S. Griffith Collection, this exhibit examines masks and related traditions that are integral to the lifeways of the Mayo and Yaqui people. Guest curated by Santiago Benton (Mayo) and Yaqui Pascola elders, in collaboration with Dr. Griffith and Arizona State Museum.

This exhibit and its opening program were made possible in part by grants from Arizona Humanities and the Southwestern Foundation for Education and Historical Preservation.

Hear the exhibit's introduction and
quotes from the guest co-curators
in English, Mayo, Spanish, and Yaqui:

English, Dr. Jim Griffith
Mayo, Santiago Benton
Spanish, Santiago Benton
Yaqui, Modesto Bule

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