Saving an American Treasure: An Unparalleled Collection of Anthropological Photographs 


This image shows Juanita Ahill collecting saguaro fruit at Saguaro National Monument West near Tucson, Arizona. Photo by Helga Teiwes, 1970.
Juanita Ahill collecting saguaro fruit, Saguaro National Monument West, Arizona. Helga Teiwes, photographer, 1970.
The photographic collection at Arizona State Museum has been designated an American Treasure, a status underscoring the importance of one of the nation's most prized assemblages of documentary materials. More than half a million prints, negatives, transparencies, and movie films document human ingenuity and cultural traditions in what is now the U.S. Southwest and northwest Mexico from 13,000 years ago to the present. This exhibit features choice examples from the vast collection. Watch this video to learn more.