It's Up 2 You! Quiz Answer Key

Quiz Answer Key


1. Diabetes is having too much ___ in your blood? Sugar

2. Diabetes can be caused by...   All are correct: eating too much sugar, eating junk food, drinking sodas, not exercising, being overweight, having a parent with diabetes

3. Diabetes symptoms include...   All are correct: being very thirsty a lot, needing to urinate a lot, always feeling hungry, feeling very tired, having blurred vision, slow healing cuts and bruises, no symptoms

4. Do you need insulin shots if you have type 2 diabetes? Maybe is correct

5. Do you need insulin shots if you have type 1 diabetes? Yes

6. Is the only way to manage type 2 diabetes by taking medicine? No

7. What does insulin do? Converts foods into energy

8. What is glucose? Sugar

9. If everyone else you know has diabetes does it mean you’ll get it? No

10. Which type of diabetes is preventable? type 2

11. Can what you eat help prevent diabetes? Yes

12. Does exercising help prevent diabetes? Yes

13. Which foods raise your blood sugar? All are correct: candy bars, chips, sodas, fruit juice, honey, white bread, white rice, flour tortillas

14. Can you exercise if you have diabetes? Yes

15. Which disease causes more deaths a year? Diabetes

16. If a woman doesn't have diabetes before getting pregnant, does she need to worry about it while pregnant? Yes

17. If a woman develops diabetes while she is pregnant, does it put her and her child at risk for developing diabetes later in life? Yes

18. Type 2 diabetes can be prevented by... exercising, eating a whole-foods-based diet, losing weight, eating smaller portions