Sierra Ancha Cliff Dwelling Project

Richard C. Lange in the Sierra Ancha

Since 1981, Richard C. Lange has been conducting research in the rugged Sierra Ancha in east-central Arizona. Numerous cliff dwellings occur in the canyons, mostly dating to the late AD 1200s and early AD 1300s.

The cliff dwellings were first formally described by Emil W. Haury in 1934, and contributed significantly to studies extending the range of tree-ring dating below the Mogollon Rim.

Research has involved detailed mapping of the structures, recording of architectural details, and recovery of complete sets of tree-ring samples. 

A final report (Echoes in the Canyons: The Archaeology of the Southeastern Sierra Ancha, Central Arizona, Arizona State Museum Archaeological Series 198) was published by the University of Arizona Press. Out of print, it is available at the ASM Library.

Richard C. Lange (retired)
Research Specialist, Senior
Arizona State Museum / University of Arizona
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