Mission, Vision, and Values

Arizona State Museum Sign Outside


The Arizona State Museum, an anthropology museum, preserves, creates, and shares knowledge about the peoples and cultures of Arizona and surrounding regions. 


The Arizona State Museum aspires to create authentic, life-enriching experiences that broaden perspectives about and encourage respect for the region’s diverse cultural heritage.


Respect and Inclusiveness
Fostering trust, collaboration, appreciation, and diversity

Leadership and Excellence
Promoting integrity, initiative, high standards, and self-motivation

Scholarship and Professionalism
Encouraging creativity, rigorous inquiry, analysis, documentation, and communication; upholding ethical standards and anthropological principles

Commitment and Responsibility
Encouraging stewardship, accountability, institutional continuity, and legal, ethical, and fiscal responsibility

Accessibility and Responsiveness
Furthering service, sharing resources, flexibility

Knowledge and Life-Long Learning
Promoting curiosity and discovery