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Our Current Fundraising Priorities

Your support is crucial to our success. We depend on the generosity of members and friends for the essential support needed to care for collections, create new knowledge, and share resources with the world in many and varied ways. Perhaps one of our current fundraising priorities will inspire you to invest in us even more.


Priority #1: The Clara Lee Tanner Endowed Professorship
The vision is an endowed faculty position shared by the UA School of Anthropology (SoA) and ASM. The incumbent teaches through SoA, using ASM’s collections, and also conducts research and publishes on the material culture of the Indigenous peoples of the U.S. Southwest and northwest Mexico. To date, the principal of the endowment fund stands at about $1.8M in cash and pledges. The goal is $3M. The Clara Lee Tanner Endowed Professorship was established in 2010 by Tanner’s family, in honor of her 50-year career of teaching, research, publication, and public outreach. Donate now.

Priority #2: Archaeological Curation and Research Facility
A high priority is an off-campus curation facility in Tucson. Collecting for more than a century and housed in two historic buildings on the University of Arizona campus, ASM is quickly running out of space to curate and facilitate research on archaeological collections recovered from state, county, and municipal lands in Arizona. Continual retrofits, upgrades, and modernizations since the early 2000s have maximized existing space but ASM is at capacity. Nothing more can be done on campus without sacrificing even more space currently devoted to exhibitions and public programs and, thus, harming ASM's ability to share collections with the public. As of Fall 2022, the University has committed to a bond sale in fiscal year 2025 to cover the cost of construction. Once built, about $500,000 to $1M will be needed to outfit the building with compactor shelving, computers, office furniture, etc. 

Priority #3: Endowment Fund for the Computerized Collections Information System (CCIS)
Curators and database managers have been working for years to migrate the content that will be available worldwide via an interactive website—some three million items. The project has cost about $400,000 so far. Once launched, it will cost about $20,000 a year for user licenses, web hosting fees, security, maintenance, and to continually add data. Your contribution to the CCIS endowment fund will endure forever and help us maintain this important public service in perpetuity. Learn more. Donate now. 



To explore these and other giving opportunities, contact:

Darlene F. Lizarraga
Office of Development
Arizona State Museum
(520) 626-8381