Photography and Filming Policy

Photography and Filming Policy at Arizona State Museum

  • Non-flash photography and phone videos for individual personal use are permitted (unless restrictions are posted or otherwise noted) provided that one does not disrupt the experiences of other guests, and does not block access to exhibitions, entrances/exits, bathrooms, and/or high-traffic areas.
  • Flash, video lights, tripods, monopods, or any similar equipment are not allowed in the galleries (unless permitted by ASM Operations). 
  • Commercial or professional photography and filming by on- and off-campus entities are prohibited unless prior arrangements and permissions have been granted by ASM Operations (520-621-4096). There may be a fee and special insurance required for photo shoots, filming, and interviews conducted in our buildings. Special permits may be necessary. Restrictions may apply. 
  • Class-related student projects must be pre-arranged through an ASM faculty member. 
  • Credentialed members of the media may contact the ASM marketing office (520-626-8381) about photography and videography at public events, in the galleries, or elsewhere in the museum, and to set up interviews with ASM personnel. 
  • Photographers are solely responsible for any violation of copyright law (Title 17, United States Code). 
  • To request images, and for permission to use images, from the ASM Photographic Collections, contact Jannelle Weakly at or 520-621-6311.