TRAVEL: Four Corners Learning Expedition

people viewing mountain scenery

Wupatki National Monument


All Day, Sept. 20 to 27, 2025

September 20-27, 2025
September 19-26, 2026

ASM Director Dr. Patrick D. Lyons and Associate Director Dr. James T. Watson, both archaeologists, are your personal guides through the Four Corners region and your instructors in this rolling master class. You will learn about the Ancestral Pueblo people (formerly known as Anasazi) of the Four Corners region and how these ancient cultures are related to the modern-day people of Hopi, Zuni, and the Rio Grande Pueblos. Key topics are 1) ancient Puebloan peoples, 2) Hopi ancestors, 3) migration patterns of the ancient Puebloans after about 1150 CE, and 4) the modern-day Hopi. The places that will help bring these lessons to life include Wupatki National Monument, the Hopi Mesas, Navajo National Monument, Mesa Verde National Park, Chaco Culture National Historical Park, and Kinishba Ruins

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Darlene Lizarraga