ASM Master Class: Germs and Genes: Modern Perspectives on Ancient Diseases

A six-part series taught by Dr. James T. Watson, curator of bioarchaeology, and Dr. Keith Maggert, associate professor of molecular and cellular biology.

A montage of two images: a plague doctor and an Egyptian mummy showing evidence of Pott's Disease

Image of medieval "plague doctor" in full garb, and image of an ancient Egyptian mummy showing signs of Pott's Disease.


10 a.m. to noon, Jan. 11 to Feb. 15, 2025

January 11, 18, 25, & February 1, 8, 15, 2025
10:00am-12:00pm (Arizona time).
In person (space is limited) or on Zoom.

This ASM Master Class examines past and present conditions of several diseases, how they evolved, and how they impacted human groups in the past and present. We will examine cancer, malaria, HIV, and COVID-19 as examples of how pathogen-human interactions can create maladaptive environments.

Session 1: Introduction to Ancient Diseases and Modern Perspectives

Session 2: The History of Cancer

Session 3: The Modern Scourge of Cancer

Session 4: Malaria in the Ancient World

Session 5: Malaria, Natural Selection, and Modern Consequences

Session 6: Emerging Diseases and the Future of Humanity
Our closing session will focus on the recent evolution of HIV and COVID-19 as examples of emerging diseases resulting from the complex interactions of environment, human behavior, and pathogens.

$200 in person (includes campus parking, coffee and light snacks)
$150 on Zoom
Register now. Payments won't be due until later this fall.


Darlene Lizarraga