Pueblo High School, Caroline Fioramonte’s class

Pueblo High School, Caroline Fioramonte’s class

A wall isn't just a wall,
or a barrier isn't just a barrier.
There are reasons why they're there.

Walls can bring communities together
whether it’s in a form of protests
or in the form of gatherings.

Walls weren't meant to keep people away
from their family and community,
they were made to bring them together

Walls stop,
Walls are meant to be breached,
Grown over with life.

Walls have kept people apart
but have also helped places flourish
in a way

The barrier that we create in our hearts
must be broken
to heal and grow

Walls can give hope
in a hopeless world
but they can also damage those
with a restless soul.

Walls can take away happiness,
and freedom.

Walls are meant for many reasons
but walls can hear everything we say about them,
just like the saying
“It feels like I'm talking to a wall.”

will we be able to see a world without you?
because I HATE YOU.

I want you to know
the wounds that have been created across the landscape will eventually heal
because you cannot keep people
from moving
and loving
and surviving.

Walls weren't meant to keep people away;
walls shouldn't be a way of separation between families.

So although these walls may rob,
and divide us all—they
cannot and will not
ever take our voice.