ASM's Outdoor Sculpture

Waiting for Grandfather by John Suazo (Pueblo of Taos)

"Waiting for Grandfather" by John Suazo (Pueblo of Taos)

Waiting for Grandfather

Artist John Suazo

Artist John Suazo (Pueblo of Taos) with his creation, "Waiting for Grandfather," in 2013.

Waiting for Grandfather, a 168 cm. tall limestone sculpture by Taos Pueblo artist John Suazo, graces the entrance to ASM's south building. A gift from the family of Burt and Brenda Lazar, Waiting for Grandfather was installed by Arizona State Museum in January 2013 and is among more than 40 outdoor public art installations that enhance the University of Arizona campus.

“Every detail has meaning to me because every piece begins deep inside me,” the artist says. “The young woman is waiting anxiously to see Grandfather, to show her baby to him because he has not yet seen the child. The belt around her skirt is like the one my grandmother used to wear. The stairstep design at the bottom of the woman’s skirt represents the steps we take in life. I hope that by looking at my work, one can find a missing piece of knowledge in themselves.”

The installation of Waiting for Grandfather was generously underwritten by the Friends of the ASM Collections.


Watercarrier by Craig Dan Goseyun (San Carlos Apache)

"Watercarrier" (1996) by Craig Dan Goseyun (San Carlos Apache). A gift of Arnold and Doris Roland, 2007.

Watercarrier (1996), an elegant, 8ft tall bronze sculpture by San Carlos Apache artist Craig Dan Goseyun, adorns the front entrance of ASM's north building. Purchased by Arnold and Doris Roland as a generous gift to the museum, Watercarrier represents one of the most vital elements to a desert community—water.

Water is one of the most important resources. Practically all cultures throughout the world at one time or another transported their goods balanced on top of their head on the center of gravity. The woman is wearing a garment that covers her full body. The swirl represents the connection between the earth and sky. —Craig Dan Goseyun


Craig Dan Goseyun, Doris Roland, Arnold Roland, Hartman Lomawaima at the dedication in 2007

The artist, Craig Dan Goseyun, with donors Doris and Arnold Roland, and the late ASM Director Hartman H. Lomawaima, at the dedication in 2007.


Detail of Watercarrier by Craig Dan Goseyun (San Carlos Apache)

Detail of "Watercarrier" by Craig Dan Goseyun (San Carlos Apache). A gift of Arnold and Doris Roland, 2007.