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This array of previously owned individual items and estate collections is donated throughout the year specifically to be sold for the benefit of ASM's ethnological collections. The Benefit Sale is produced annually by the Friends of the ASM Collections. Funds raised allow curators to make purchases that enhance the museum's ethnological collections, and help underwrite events and exhibits that share ASM collections with the public. Our great thanks to the members of the Benefit Sale Committee! 


Basketry item #9
Tohono O'odham open stitch basketry jar
Height: 6 inches


Basketry item #15
Western Apache twined burden basket
Height: 9 1/2 inches not including fringe, Diameter: 11 inches


Basketry item #16
Wounaan (Panama) basketry bowl
Height: 4 1/4 inches, Diameter: 4 1/2 inches


Basketry item #17
South Carolina basket with lid by Dorothy Brown
Height: 4 1/2 inches, Diameter: 6 inches


Basketry item #20
Large Pima granary
20.5 inches tall, 28 inches at widest point


Basketry item #21
Handled basket from Honduras by Sandra Elizabeth Florez Varela


Basketry item #23
Ute, butterfly motif
weaver unknown, ca. 2019
4.75" diameter


Basketry item #24
Tarahumara pine needle lidded basket
weaver unknown, ca. 1980s
2"tallX3.75" at widest point


Basketry item #26
Tarahumara plated basketry jar
8.5" tallX7.5" wide


Basketry item #27
Tarahumara plated basketry jar
9.5" tallX8.5"wide


Basketry item #28
Pima coiled basket
weaver unknown, ca. 2019
2.5" tall, 4.25" diameter


Basketry item #30
Tarahumara basket
7.75"tallX8" diameter


Basketry item #32
Hopi coiled plaque
8" diameter
weaver unknown, ca. 2019


Basketry item #34
Tarahumara basket​​
4.75"tallX6.5" diameter


Basketry item #35
Tarahumara basket​​
7.25"tallX10" diameter
More oval than round, warped