Pueblo High School, Taylor Cleland’s class

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Pueblo High School, Taylor Cleland’s class


Walls are not perfect 
Walls work positively yet sometimes negatively 
Walls are our protection 
Walls can be used to protect and defend they can be used to keep people in or out. 

Walls shut people out, they keep people confined, they divide us as a nation 
Walls are made to separate us, but just because we’ve been separated by the higher ups and governments, doesn’t mean we can't get along, we are both humans, and the governments can't control us and form our opinions. 
If you are angry at the wall, be angry 

Even though walls can protect us from the bad nature of the world, they also make an end to the beginnings that people continue to make 
Walls are our protection but yet it can be other things within us. 
We build walls around ourselves to block out the people around us 
Walls are put up not to separate but to see who cares enough to knock them down. 

Walls are everlasting 
The structure may stay the same, but the meaning will always change 

Walls separate us and keep many secrets, instead of looking straight at the wall, look around it
We can jump walls and barriers if we can’t go over it we can go under it 
Walls separate us, but we work with what we have  
No matter what the government does they can’t stop us from being happy 

Walls never work forever.