Rio Grande Weaving Evolution

Rio Grande Weaving Evolution

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

6:00-7:00 p.m. Arizona time, via Zoom

Join us for this presentation by, and conversation with, master weavers Lisa and Irvin Trujillo (pictured above), owners of Centinela Traditional Arts, a tapestry gallery located in Chimayo, New Mexico.

The Trujillos create extraordinary contemporary tapestry pieces in the Rio Grande tradition and by pushing its boundaries. They will share a brief history of Rio Grande weaving from Spanish Colonial times through Mexican and American influence, all the way to what today is proudly known as Chimayo weaving. The Trujillos have won many awards for their work and are owners of Centinela Traditional Arts, a tapestry gallery in Chimayo, New Mexico. Irvin Trujillo was named an National Heritage Fellow in 2007.

This program is held in conjunction with the exhibit, Wrapped in Color: Legacies of the Mexican Sarape, showing through July 2022.


K-12 teachers can earn professional development hours for attending.

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