What Would Frida Wear?

Dress a Frida Paper Doll in a Huipil

Please click on the thumbnail images below to dress your Frida paper doll at the right. All the items are part of the Cordry Collection unless other gift information is noted.
Huipil style blouse
Huipil style Zapotec blouse. Black commercial cloth with yellow and red plaid machine overstitiching. Gift of Wanda Hill. Collected 1945-1950.
All white huipil
Fine all-white Zapotec two-panel huipil with weft wrap openwork in geometric, zoomorphic, and anthropomorphic designs. Lower third of panels is open gauzework. From Santiago Choapan, Oaxaca. Collected 1954.
Light brown huipil with turquoise stitching
Three panel Amusgo huipil of light brown natural cotton with bands of geometric brocading. Panels stitched together with turquoise embroidery floss. From Amusgos, Oaxaca. Collected 1962.
Pink huipil with rooster
Commercial cotton Mazatec huipil, with ribbon and lace. Floral and zoomorphic embroidery. Made in Oaxaca c. 1936 and collected in the 1960's. Gift of Judith Pike Schram.
Red huipil with yellow rectangle
Three panel Chinantec huipil woven predominantly in red with extra wide multicolor seams. Yellow satin ribbon applied at neck, armholes and in rectangle below yoke. Neckline also has green and black ribbon and white commercial lace. See page on Mexican textiles for a photo of Ojitlán woman in this huipil. From Ojitlán, Oaxaca. Collected 1964.
Light blue huipil
Light blue three panel Chinantec huipil. Cross-stitched with geometric and zoomorphic designs. Commerical cotton and floss. From Valle Nacional, Oaxaca. Collected 1966.
Red huipil with bird motif
Three panel Chinantec huipil in red and white with multicolor brocading. Embroidered geometric and bird motifs alongs side and lower center panels. Neckline has black and yellow ribbon. See page on Mexican textiles for a photo of Ojitlan woman in this huipil. From Ojitlan in Oaxaca.
Red and white huipil with geometric designs
Three panel Chinantec huipil in red and white. Center panel is brocaded with multicolor designs. Commercial floral cloth at neckline. From San Pedro Sochiapan, Oaxaca. Collected 1964.
Red huipil with geometric designs
Three-panel Cuicatec huipil with brocaded center panel in multicolor designs. Neckline embroidered in pink, green, yellow and purple. From San Andrés Teotilalpan, Oaxaca. Collected 1975.
Light brown huipil with brocading
Three-panel Mixtec huipil with brocaded bands of repeating geometric, zoomorphic and anthropomorphic motifs in purple, white and maroon. Brocading done with commercial thread. From Mechoacán, Oaxaca. Collected 1968.
White huipil with multicolor brocading
White three-panel huipil, Nahua or Mixtec, with multicolor anthropomorphic, zoomorphic and geometric designs. These designs are brocaded with commercial floss. Neckline edged with pink ribbon in zigzag. From Buena Vista, Guerrero. Collected 1965.
White huipil with floral emboridery
White commercial satin huipil hand embroidered with multicolored floral designs. Nahua , from Acatlán, Guerrero. Collected in 1979.
Brown and white wedding huipil
Light brown natural cotton and white Mixtec huipil with multicolor brocading in geometric and zoomorphic designs. This is a wedding huipil. Brocading done with commercial floss. From Santa María Yosonicaje, Oaxaca. Collected 1970.
White huipil with purple tassels
Three panel white hand-woven Zapotec huipil. Brocaded at shoulder and yoke with rows of geometric and zoomorphic motifs in purple commercial floss. Purple tassels attached at yokes. From San Bartolo Yautepec (ST).