Ancestral Pueblo Canteens

Kiet Siel, AZ D:3:1 (ASM), Tsegi Canyon, Navajo Nation, AZ. Emil W. Haury, photographer, 1927. (Catalog No. 393)

Ancestral Pueblo groups inhabited the Four Corners region of the Southwest. They are remembered by their unique cliff dwellings, like Kiet Siel in Tsegi Canyon. Their homes were not always located near water sources, so canteens would have been an important way to carry and store water in their homes. 

Lino Gray canteen, ca. 600-900 CE, Kayenta Region, AZ. Ancestral Pueblo culture. Collected 1933. Max. length: 7.5 in. (19.0. cm.). (Catalog No. 20822)
Top view of 20822.


Escavada Black-on-white canteen, ca. 1100 CE, Southwest United States. Ancestral Pueblo culture. Gifted from Henry D. Wallace. Max. length: 8.5 in. (21.7 cm.). (Catalog No. 2007-496-18)
Top view of 2007-496-18.


Dogoszhi Black-on-white canteen, ca. 1060-1200 CE, Round Rock vicinity, AZ. Ancestral Pueblo culture. Purchased 1927. Max. length: 6.8 in. (17.2 cm.). (Catalog No. 15907)

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