Archaeological Repository

Mandated Programs Holiday Season Scheduling Information

  • Mandated Program Offices will be closed 12/23/2019 thru 1/3/2020.
  • Expedited ASM services are generally unavailable between 12/9/2019 and 1/3/2020. Expedited service availability starts again on 1/6/2020.
  • Any ASM services for which the intent is to receive key deliverables by 12/20/2019 must be requested through the online quote site no later than close of business day (5pm) on 12/5/2019. See the Archaeological Records Office webpage for information regarding delivery of Records Research for Archaeologists and Document Requests in this period.
  • Quotes must be approved, invoices paid, and key forms received before 12/9/2019 to ensure processing happens before 12/20/2019.
  • Routine service schedules resume on 1/6/2020.

Please also note:

  • End of the year processing constraints and deadlines for burial agreements should be addressed directly to Claire Barker (
  • Continue to report the discovery of human remains or intent to disturb human remains to Claire Barker by email ( or by phone at 520-626-0320.
  • Continue to report archaeological and paleontological discoveries to Shannon Twilling by email ( or by phone at 520-621-4795.

Arizona State Museum oversees the nation’s largest and busiest state-operated archaeological repository. The repository curates archaeological collections from state, federal, and private lands under repository service agreements.

Among its responsibilities, the archaeological repository oversees:

  • Issuance of ASM repository agreements.
  • Management, intake, and in-perpetuity curation for artifacts, cataloged objects, digital images, and project materials from monitoring, testing, and data recovery projects on state land in Arizona.

All requests for curation services from the ASM Repository start by using the ASM Request Quote for Services website found at: Please note that in addition to filling out the form on the quote request website, forms and additional backup documentation are required for all services. Links to forms, form instructions, and other guidance documents may be found here

  • Request curation services by also completing and submitting the Request for Repository Services Agreement. Collections must meet the requirements outlined in ASM's Repository Manual. 
  • Repository collections are available for research Monday through Friday by appointment. Complete and submit the Request for Access to Collections form.