Update Log

This page is intended to be a chronological overview and quick reference for updated forms, guidance documents, policies, and memorandums. Links to the most  current versions of documents and/or webpages are provided for your convenience.

Commonly used acronyms:
AAA = Arizona Antiquities Act
ASM = Arizona State Museum
FAQ = Frequently Asked Questions
MP = Mandated Programs


May 2020

Posted: Powerpoint presentation from public feedback forum in Phoenix.


April 2020

  • ARO Update:
    • The following site numbers have been consolidated under AZ U:9:165(ASM):
      • AZ U:9:6(ASM), Hayden’s Ferry
      • AZ U:9:62(ASM), Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Church (also called St. Mary’s Church)
      • AZ U:9:64(ASM), the Science Library Site
      • AZ U:9:80(ASM), the Phoenix and Eastern Railroad Bridge
      • AZ U:9:114(ASM), the Tempe Glyph Site (also called the Tempe Glyphs Site and the Tempe Butte Petroglyph Site; previously consolidated under AZ U:9:115(ASM))
      • AZ U:9:115(ASM), the Terraced Butte Site (also called Tempe Butte and Hayden Butte)
      • AZ U:9:188(ASM), Tempe Beach Park (also called the Tempe Beach Stadium)
      • AZ U:9:190(ASM), the Hayden Blacksmith Shop
      • AZ U:9:216(ASM), the Brickyard
      • AZ U:9:269(ASM), 1010 East Lemon Street
      • AZ U:9:278(ASM), the Hayden Flour Mill Complex
      • AZ U:9:281(ASM), the Barrett Honors College Site
      • AZ U:9:284(ASM), the ISTB IV Site
      • AZ U:9:296(ASM), the Ocotillo Hall Site
      • AZ U:9:309(ASM), the Tempe Townsite (also called the Tempe Historic Town Site)
    • The site name for AZ U:9:165(ASM) is now La Plaza/Historic Tempe (also called La Plaza Tempe, Plaza Tempe, Plaza de Tempe, Casa de Loma, the Elias-Rodriguez House, and the Stadium Site).  The other site names listed above may be treated as geographic loci, chronological phases, and/or cultural components of AZ U:9:165(ASM) and may be used to aid descriptions of the site.
    • The site consolidation was completed on March 16, 2020.
    • Contact ARO personnel with questions pertaining to this consolidation.


March 2020

  • 3/24/2020: Complete FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) update posted to ASM website.
  • 3/27 to 4/13/2020: The following announcement was distributed to AAA permit holders and posted on the ASM website:

 As of Friday, 27 March 2020, all Arizona State Museum staff are under self-quarantine due to possible COVID-19 exposure until Monday, 13 April 2020. 

 Staff in the Permits Office, Archaeological Records Office, Repository, and Repatriation Office are prepared to do as much work as possible from home, but our services will be limited, and there may be delays.

 For clarification, here is what ASM will continue to provide during the closure:

  1.  Permits and burial agreements will continue to be issued. Treatment plans, permit applications, and burial agreement applications may be submitted via email until further notice. Please send all of these documents to my attention (twilling@email.arizona.edu). If your request includes a burial agreement application, please cc the Repatriation Office (asm-repatriation@email.arizona.edu).
  2. The Repatriation Office will continue to monitor disturbances of human remains, please report disturbances via email (asm-repatriation@email.arizona.edu).
  3. Project Director and Principal Investigator reviews will be conducted.
  4. Repository agreements will be issued.
  5. Permit updates requests will be completed.
  6. Notifications of intent may be submitted.
  7. Accession numbers will be issued.
  8. Quotes and invoices will be issued.
  9. Site number requests that are already in the queue will be completed.
  10. Records research requests that are already in the queue will be completed.
  11. Document Requests that are already in the queue will be completed.

The following cannot be conducted until after Monday, 13 April 2020:

  1. New records searches will not be initiated, either by researchers visiting the ARO or by having ARO conduct the research for you.
  2. No new ASM site numbers will be issued.
  3. ASM’s Library will be closed.
  4. No drop-offs to the Repository can be made.
  5. ASM will not be receiving mail.
  6. Report reviews cannot be completed.

Furthermore, all quote requests with expedites and document requests will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.  And the Repatriation Office’s centralized email is currently experiencing technical difficulties. Therefore, please cc Dr. Claire Barker on anything including a Burial Agreement Application (csbarker@email.arizona.edu). Please also send all notifications of human remains disturbances to Dr. Barker.

Please contact ASM staff with any questions or concerns regarding ASM Jobs, quotes, or projects.

Please distribute to others in your organization. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this difficult time and we will keep you updated as more information becomes available.


February 2020


January 2020


November 2019

  • ASM MP Managers held a public feedback forum in Tucson on November 14, 2019.
  • The following form was removed from the ASM website: Request an ASM Site Number Addendum
  • The following announcement was distributed to AAA permit holders and posted on the ASM website:

Mandated Programs Holiday Season Scheduling Information

  • Mandated Program Offices will be closed 12/23/2019 thru 1/3/2020.
  • Expedited ASM services are generally unavailable between 12/9/2019 and 1/3/2020. Expedited service availability starts again on 1/6/2020.
  • Any ASM services for which the intent is to receive key deliverables by 12/20/2019 must be requested through the online quote site no later than close of business day (5pm) on 12/5/2019. See the Archaeological Records Office webpage for information regarding delivery of Records Research for Archaeologists and Document Requests in this period.
  • Quotes must be approved, invoices paid, and key forms received before 12/9/2019 to ensure processing happens before 12/20/2019.
  • Routine service schedules resume on 1/6/2020.

Please also note:

  • End of the year processing constraints and deadlines for burial agreements should be addressed directly to Claire Barker (csbarker@email.arizona.edu).
  • Continue to report the discovery of human remains or intent to disturb human remains to Claire Barker by email (csbarker@email.arizona.edu) or by phone at 520-626-0320.
  • Continue to report archaeological and paleontological discoveries to Shannon Twilling by email (twilling@email.arizona.edu) or by phone at 520-621-4795.


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June 2019


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