Arizona Antiquities Act Permits

Archaeologists and paleontologists must qualify for and then obtain an Arizona Antiquities Act (AAA) Blanket Permit or Project-specific Permit from the Arizona State Museum (ASM) before conducting survey or excavation on state lands (land owned or controlled by the State of Arizona or by any agency, instrumentality, or political subdivision of the State of Arizona, including any county or municipal corporation).

Among its responsibilities, the ASM Permits Office handles:

  • Reports of archaeological or paleontological discoveries on state land.
  • Submission of AAA permit applications.
  • Review of treatment plans and reports conducted under AAA project-specific permits.
  • Review of prospective Principal Investigators (PI) and Project Directors (PD) for listing on AAA permits.
  • Archaeological or paleontological site definition inquiries.
  • Submission of final documents for projects conducted under AAA project-specific permits that are curated at repositories other than at the Arizona State Museum (ASM).

View a List of Professional Consultants WHO Hold a Current Arizona Antiquities Act Permit

All requests for service from the ASM Permits Office start by using the ASM Request Quote for Services website found at: Please note that in addition to filling out the form on the quote request website, forms and additional backup documentation are required for all services. Links to forms, form instructions, and other guidance documents may be found here

Shannon Plummer
Arizona Antiquities Act Administrator
Archaeological Permits Office
Arizona State Museum / University of Arizona
PO Box 210026
Tucson, AZ 85721-0026