Mandated Programs Mission Statement

As staff of Arizona’s archaeological permitting authority and official archaeological repository, the Arizona State Museum’s Mandated Programs team is committed to serving the people of the state by:

  • administering the Arizona Antiquities Act and state repatriation law with integrity;
  • ensuring that archaeological research on state lands is conducted by qualified professionals;
  • ensuring that human remains and protected classes of objects are treated with dignity and respect and expeditiously conveyed to claimant individuals or groups;
  • ensuring the accuracy of submitted information to facilitate management of and research focused on cultural resources;
  • curating archaeological collections and associated records, in accordance with state and federal legal requirements and the highest professional standards, thus preserving their research potential in perpetuity;
  • making information available to professional archaeologists for the purpose of historic preservation planning; and
  • making collections and associated records available for research and education.